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Thank You for the Reviews!

Great Client service! Always willing to help. Looks for the best policy to fit your needs!
Candy Parr
Candy P.
20:13 29 Oct 18
Joe Carrigan is awesome and always goes the extra mile. Whether it's finding the best insurance for me or helping out when something goes wrong, I know I can always count on Carrigan Insurance.
Chop Shop
Chop S.
14:49 06 Oct 18
Great Company that gets things done when you need them. I really appreciate all that they do. Excellent customer service
21:03 24 Sep 18
Joe,Max and Tina are fantastic people family run business you will always get the agent you ask for.They are vary professional and great people to deal with.
Bill Dess
Bill D.
17:53 24 Sep 18
I have been with Joe Carrigan as an agent since I was a student in college looking to insure my first car. That was 30 years ago. He and Tina always work hard and are diligent in finding me the most affordable and reliable insurance. They have decades in this business from which to draw a vast knowledge and are great liaisons between insurance companies when claims occur. They are kind, caring, and look out for me, I think, just as they would a family member.
Linda Spice
Linda S.
14:38 27 Jul 18
Carrigan Insurance has been my insurance provider for many years. They have been very understanding and helpful. Tina,Max and Joe have always responded to my requests quickly and satisfactorily.
Sheri Lydna
Sheri L.
19:14 22 Jun 18
I would recommend Carrigan Insurance to anyone! The entire team is friendly, professional, and quick to respond to claims. I have had nothing but a great experience and I am truly grateful for the Carrigan Insurance team - five stars!
kelly Levenhagen
kelly L.
14:34 04 Jun 18
I’ve been with Carrigan Insurance for years & always work with Tina. She’s very attentive & actually cares. She always tries to save me money any way she can. I highly recommend this agency to anyone that needs insurance & prefers stellar service.
15:53 22 May 18
Everyone here is wonderful & worried about saving their customers money.
Amanda De La Paz
Amanda De La P.
14:53 18 May 18
I've saved so much money through these guys! They're really good people looking out for you.
Skylar Bardell
Skylar B.
13:51 26 Apr 18
Joe and his staff are always helpful and knowledgeable.
Jenny Nelson
Jenny N.
20:21 26 Jan 18
I have been with Carrigan Insurance for 9 years and I have always received the best rates possible. Along with the insurance you receive personal assistance always. And this is a very safe feeling to know they care so much.
mary ellen mocco
mary ellen M.
17:18 02 Jul 17
Joe answers all of my questions and explains them so I can understand. He has worked with me during almost all of my life events and made sure I had the coverage I needed. I will continue to use him!
Ashley Sinks
Ashley S.
19:02 18 Apr 17
I have been using Carrigan Insurance for over 25 years and they are the best. I have always received great customer service and I use them for all my insurance needs.
Laura Corrigan
Laura C.
15:15 16 Mar 17
Joe Carrigan is pleasure to work with. He is polite, professional and very helpful. I highly recommend him and his team for your insurance needs.
Jeannie Zukauskas
Jeannie Z.
14:59 16 Mar 17
Great company, I worked with Joe Carrigan and am happy with the service, he took the time to answer all my questions and values even the "small guy"
Chris Jarvis
Chris J.
14:40 16 Mar 17
The Carrigan family has been my and my family agency for over 25 years. Been with them since my first car at 16, then motorcyle, appartments, houses, umbrella's. They have always treated me with professionalism. Its an amazing track record. Highly recommended.
Christopher Scott
Christopher S.
02:56 28 Feb 17
It is a great comfort to have someone like Joe and his team at Carrigan insurance looking out for me and my business. When I have questions or a claim they handle it quickly and professionally. They treat you on a personal level as one of there family. I highly recommend them.
robert dooley
robert D.
20:54 27 Feb 17
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